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Paperwork is a fact of life for most teachers – from lesson plans and classroom worksheets to parent-teacher
communications, as well as seating charts, student presentations and art projects.
Sometimes your files are too large to attach to emails. Then what do you do?

Hey Ants is a new way to securely send and share large files, including PDFs, photographs, music and videos.
You can send multiple large files and documents to many people, all in one email AND receive a notification when the recipient/s downloads them.
Create your Hey Ants account today and start sharing your files and documents with fellow teaching staff, parents and pupils.

Choose from our free package or upgrade to the premium Hey Ants account.
* These special packages for teachers are only available until 31 December 2018

Hey Ants (Teacher's Offer) Hey Ants Black (Teacher's Offer)
File Transfer 2.5GB 25GB
Total Transfer Space 20GB 125GB
Expiry Time Limit 7 Days 14 Days
Transfer Expiry Reminders
Password Protected Transfers
Cancel Transfers
Custom Transfer Page Branding
$0.00/महीना (USD)
$0.00/महीना (USD)
$9.99/महीना (USD)
$0.00/महीना (USD)

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